Advantages of not stopping playing video games

Video games are not a bad influence at all. Most people only want to see the disadvantages because video games can be addictive and violent. Nevertheless, video games positively affect players because they can help them to acquire many skills. Similarly, there are video games to help people with mental health issues, physical rehabilitation, stress relief, entertainment, education or teaching.

Video games have advantages, and one of them is the educational path. As we know, there are many types of video games, and there are different ways to play them. Thus, there are many benefits to playing video games. For example, action games capture the player’s attention. People who play such games have the ability to focus better in any situation. In addition, in this game, players must act quickly. They must make decisions faster. In school situations, this ability helps because players learn to solve their problems faster. They must think before making a decision. This means that they improve problem-solving skills.

In video games, players must coordinate their visual, auditory and physical movements. This means that video games provide mental stimulation. In the same way, the hand-eye coordination of players provides skills when players have to write quickly, or even when they have to solve a mathematical problem.

There are many benefits to playing video games. The following article provides many examples of these benefits.

This article mentions in the fourth point that players could get a career boost. It is interesting to mention this because it helps when people work as a team. Multiplayer games make this possible because sometimes players have to play as a team. They have to work together and make decisions as a team. Nowadays, teamwork is important and we need to know how to work with others. Thus, players can be good team leaders because they can improve this skill set.

‘Mario’ acts on your brain like steroids

To better understand how video games affect the brain, German researchers conducted a study, published this week. They asked 23 adults, 25 years old on average, to play “Super Mario 64” for 30 minutes a day for two months. A control group did not play video games at all.

MRI scans of their brains showed that the group of players had seen their gray cells increase in the right hippocampus, the right prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum – the areas of the brain responsible for space navigation, memory, organization and motility of the hands.

Video games could slow down aging

According to a study conducted this year by the University of Iowa, playing stimulation games for two hours a week would be enough to slow down the degree of mental decline associated with natural aging.

For five to eight weeks, a group of seniors practiced computerized crossword puzzles while three other groups played a computer game called “Road Tour.” This game consisted of finding photos of vehicles while remembering where was placed a particular sign, with more and more traps as the player advanced. The experiment had to reflect the difficulty of older drivers managing a multitude of information at a crossroads.

They could help dyslexic children to read better.

A study from the University of Padua has thrown a chill on the idea that video games are bad for the brains of young children. Last February, Italian researchers demonstrated that playing action video games can improve the reading skills of children with dyslexia.