Finer Options for the Best Free Games to Download

You can download games and apps from the Google Play Store. Of course you can start right away. To do this, you call up the Google Play Store via the corresponding icon in order to browse through the overviews or top lists for games. Alternatively, you use the search function, if you already have a specific Android game in mind. Then you go ahead, as on the smartphone: On the side of the game you click on “Install” and agree to the access rights. With “Open” you start the game.

  • Casino games on the internet are not only exciting but also convenient. With luck, they can even be very lucrative.

Online casino games can be played not only on the computer, but also on the mobile phone on the go. Thanks to numerous new apps that have everything from the holiday on Lake Constance to the slot machine that the smartphone user needs, you can spend your time relaxing on the go with your mobile phone and perhaps even win some money. But it is not always easy for Swiss online casino players to find the right provider, as not every casino offers the deposit and withdrawal of Swiss francs. Moreover, it is not always easy to find a particularly renowned provider. With the Swiss Online Casino GuideThere are many possibilities open to you. The top casinos for Swiss online players include the Jackpot City Casino, the Platinum Play Online Casino, the Euro Palace, the Royal Vegas Online Casino and the All Slots Casino.

Blackjack: Number 1 card game in casinos

Blackjack is an exceptionally popular casino game, both at online casinos and at local casinos. The reason is simple: With blackjack, the house edge of the bank is lower than other casino games. But that’s not the only reason blackjack is so popular on every continent. Whether in Asia, Europe or America, everywhere blackjack is played. And why? Quite simply, the game has simple rules that everyone understands quickly, it’s exciting and exciting. For blackjack you definitely need concentration and good nerves. In this casino game you have to make the right decisions. Although blackjack is about luck, as in other casino games, tactics and strategy also play a role here, even more so than in other casino games.

Roulette: The most glamorous of all gambling games

Roulette is the absolute classic in casino games and is very popular with the Swiss. One can not avoid attributing to this game with the rolling ball in the kettle always a touch of elegance and noble wardrobe. Nowadays you will also find on the Internet a large selection of providers who have roulette with security in the program. Even if the noble atmosphere is lost a bit, the advantages make it nevertheless extremely worthwhile for anyone, who wants to gamble in the casino. Online casinos are open around the clock and there is no dress code.

Slot machines: huge selection, gigantic jackpots

Because slot machines are one of the most popular games in casinos, online casinos and on-site casinos also have a huge selection of possible games with various topics, such as the popular slot game Throne of Egypt. Slot games are very easy to understand and to use and the jackpots are gigantic. In part, several million Swiss francs are in the jackpot. No wonder gamers, who hope for a quick win, will always stop by slot machines. The machines are made by different manufacturers, some of which are already celebrities. One of the biggest slot machine manufacturers is Mercury.