Finer Options for the Best iPhone Games for You

Hardly a day goes by without a lot of fiddling, puzzling or fighting on the iPad and iPhone. We show the most popular iOS games of the week every Sunday. This week, huge killer sharks are eating their way through the iOS game charts. On Android smartphones, there are some really cool games. Many are so good that they already have PC level. So why not play with your keyboard and mouse? With an emulator you play the best Android games on the computer. We’ll show you how it works.

You’re on the bus right now and have a round of “Clash Royale” on your Android device. Although the game is really fun, the Fun Factor could be even higher. It is because the control on the smartphone is not for everyone. And a larger display would not hurt either. The solution: The best you play your Android games now and then on the calculator. All you need is specific software.

Play Android games thanks to emulator on the computer

Do not worry, you do not have to move your data from the smartphone to the computer to play an Android game on the PC. The magic word is called Emulator. These special programs simulate the Google operating system on your Windows PC or Mac. There are some of these emulators. For gambling, one is enough.

BlueStacks – recommended for gamers

One of the most popular gaming emulators is BlueStacks. This has been around since 2011. Since then, the developers have some experience, which makes the emulator is very stable. He is considered very suitable for beginners who prefer to gamble on the PC instead of on the Android smartphone. The program runs either as a free version with advertising or as paid premium version without ads.

Is your PC powerful enough for Android games?

If you also prefer the PC, you should realize that your computer must meet certain requirements. For example, BlueStacks requires two gigabytes of memory, four gigabytes of hard disk space, and the latest video drivers. The better your computer is equipped, the cleaner the games in the emulator of course run.

The installation of the emulator works very easy

Visit the homepage of BlueStacks and download the emulator via the download button at the top right corner. After installing the program, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Google Account. After that, the emulator is already as good as ready for use.

Adapt Android system for the perfect game enjoyment

When the BlueStacks menu appears, follow the simple configuration instructions. Just click away the “What’s new” message and the installation is complete. Before you start gambling, the menu still offers plenty of room for maneuver. The native settings can be found in the upper right corner. After clicking on the gear icon you can set the appropriate resolution, your preferred language or the allocated memory.

Of course, the Android emulator also offers some practical additional options: With the camera icon in the left bar screenshots are possible. You can use the bubble icon to open chats with friends.