Main benefits that you can enjoy while playing video games

Video games have often been associated, quite wrongly, with something negative. This demonization of a fun activity finds its source in a set of accepted ideas. Indeed, some prejudices tend to associate video game and violence. And yet there is nothing that proves it formally. On the other hand, it has been possible to clearly establish the many benefits that video games can have on well-being. So it’s time to get rid of all these misconceptions and other clichés and become aware that video games are not only a way to escape into a virtual world but are also beneficial in many ways.

An activity with multiple benefits

There is a wide variety of games that are distinguished by more or less different rules. That said, most of them appeal to the player’s ability to concentrate and think. So yes, playing allows you to escape into a virtual world but also and above all, it allows developing good cognitive reflexes. The spirit of strength training becomes livelier and more alert. To prove it, German researchers have established in a study the ability of the game Super Mario to improve areas of the brain responsible for space navigation, memory, organization and mortality of the hands.

In strategy games such as Star-craft, for example, special attention and concentration is required to achieve goals. So in a fun way, we make the brain work, by increasing reaction time, reflexes and concentration. Knowing the number of diseases due to the malfunction or development of this organ, we cannot decently deny the benefits of video games on health. Studies have also highlighted the positive impact of video games on dyslexic children or victims of stroke. Added to this is the fact that many games are played together. This is a smart way to get people to socialize and develop the skills to collaborate and work as a team.

It’s time to end the demonization of video games

Playing can be quite beneficial to the mind. Unfortunately, the practice has had a bad press and some stereotypes remain. For example, we say that playing could have a negative effect on the brain of the youngest. But now that it is clear that this is an activity that facilitates the growth of the brain, we can only recommend it as entertainment to the youngest while limiting the playing time obviously. Video games are also attributed to the bad moods and violent characters of some teenagers. In this regard, it is relevant to note that adolescence for a player or not is a delicate step. In a context where most of them have trouble socializing, In addition, with the serious game, play becomes a fun activity and especially educational.