No More Mistakes With Free Games

You like video games on computer or console, and you want to share your passion. The idea of making a video game site tempts you but the technical side discourages you. Fortunately you have found this page which is intended to offer you some tips, content ideas, and organization of a gaming site. This page will show you that the Wifeo system is definitely what will suit you. First, be aware that is really free unlike some platforms that advertise by announcing free. But these platforms are actually very limited. With Wifeo, there is no limit of pages, size or images.

Some test pages of video games:

There are many sites that offer video game testing. But this should not stop you from writing an article about a game you liked.

A selection of the best gaming videos:

It will be easy for you to select interesting videos about the games. The YouTube site contains a large number of videos on games or consoles.

Talk about old video games:

The nostalgic will be happy to remember the video games that have rocked their childhood. You can dedicate a few pages to old games, game consoles, or old game magazines. You can also install sound players to broadcast the sounds and music of ancient games. Your visitors will be even more satisfied. Wifeo makes it easy to place such a reader on a site.

Open a partnership with a game sales site:

If your site starts to be visited, you can display game ads on your pages. You can also, when talking about a game, add a sponsored link to a game dealer.

Tips for repairing a console:

If you have had a problem experience solved with a game console, or if you have found interesting information on sites or forums, do not hesitate to compile this information on a page.

Tips and tricks on games:

Video game enthusiasts are always fond of tricks to progress in a game, or codes to avoid being stuck in a level. If part of your site is dedicated to this area, you will retain your visitors.

Video Game Discussion Forum:

Animate your site by including a special games discussion forum. As your site grows, your forum will be more and more alive. You can also name moderators who will animate and moderate the forum for you.

Resell your games on your site:

If you have decided to create a video game site, it is because you are a player yourself. And like any player, you have bought games that you have finished and want to sell. As Wifeo allows you to create an online store, why not sell your games through your own shop with cart, and pay by Paypal.

Do not be afraid of competing sites:

Do not hesitate to devote a page to indicate other sites that deal with the same subject as yours. They are not competitors because you are a community. You will not lose visitors, but you will enrich your content. Remember to always contact the webmaster of the site for which you have indicated the link. Do not ask him for a link in exchange. He will do it himself if he thinks your site deserves it. No need to force his hand.