The Vital Essence of Android Games

What is a game? For the nerds among our readers, these are strictly parlor games. It is preferably the hard board games that invite two hours or more to absolute co-thinking. On the other hand, our readers with families like it a lot easier and are counting on the good old game of the year . Away from our website are called PC Games. And then there are game apps in every form and browser games. Especially an area of browser games is extremely popular: the so-called casual games. Small game offers that can be completed in minutes or captivate the whole day. For real board game freaks, this is at best unloved, virtual stuff.

Games like Tetris, Frogger or Asteroids come from a bygone era. But they do not fall into oblivion, because even today we still have a lot of fun with these classics of our childhood.

Games with soul and special charm

Bombastic graphics, complex gameplay mechanics, virtual reality, and in the past everything was so much easier. And yet, there were quite a few easy-to-use games that literally captivated one in front of the screen. You could hang out with friends in a room and gamble for hours, even though these games have only one controlled figure and a variety of different obstacles. Comparable emotions can be found today on some slots, for example, if you get free games thanks to book of ra tricks and see his profits grow.


It probably could not be easier. You are in infinite space with a lot of meteorites and UFOs. Your job is to destroy these meteorites and UFOs. Of course, not with your bare hands, but with a laser cannon, me your spaceship is equipped. The game is played with a keyboard and already demands a lot of attention, because the danger to collide with these flying objects is extremely high.


A bit of gymnastics for the brain is always good, and in this case, a classic can be very useful, namely Minesweeper. In this game of skill, it is your job to first find the bombs and then defuse them. With a little logic, that can be done perfectly, and you defuse the whole field. There, where you suspect mines, you should put red flags. Most of the time you play with the mouse, but it can also be played with the keyboard.


This is a game that keeps you constantly moving. You must move the board with the arrow keys so that the ball flying back and forth does not touch the ground. So the board will knock the ball off and he has to hit the boxes and solve as many as possible at once. In these boxes, there are sometimes hidden gifts, such as a super shot.


Tetris can really addict you in a few minutes and is clearly one of the greatest fascinations of our childhood. The rules are easier than ever: there is a field where you have to place pieces. It strives to achieve as many continuous row. Points you get in each game will help you get higher and higher in the levels. As the levels increase, so does the speed at which counters fall. But you can always know which stone is next, and that helps, of course, to plan the other moves.