Tips to Raise Friendship Levels in Gacha Life Gameplay

Gacha Life is the most kid-friendly game one could hope for. It inspires children to be more creative and gives them a way to engage in something during their free time that leaves a positive impact on them. This means that players can recharge themselves by enjoying this game which gives them a chance to control a character and design and dress it according to their choices.

The game allows players to be a part of many different kinds of interactions that make the player feel like they can engage in multiple activities that enhances the gameplay. This means that players can use different functions available to them to choose what their character will do and how the game will turn out.

Here are some things you can do to increase your friendship with other players that might give you an advantage in the game-


If you are a beginner a character at level one can only choose to do this. This will cost you two stamina points but it also has its advantages. It increases your friendship level by 4 or 9. This is the safest and easiest way to gain friendship points.
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After you reach level two for friendship, this option is available to you. By performing this activity you can gain seven to fifteen points. However, costs you three stamina points. The other character that you engage with, will also give you advice that will be useful later on in the game.


At level three, you are allowed to give the other player a gift. There are six different levels of gifts you can give the other players. All of them cost different stamina points but earn up to fifty friendship points. This is a great way to boost your friendship points by a huge margin without having to pay an equal amount of stamina points.


The quiz is a great way to interact with another character and if a function that can be performed once the player reaches level five. The quiz does cost a hefty amount. It takes fifty stamina points to conduct a quiz but once you are done with this task, you can gain six hundred friendship points.

With these functions, you can be assured that you can score friendship points easily. These functions help you move forward in the game. Try to gain as many friendship points in this realistic game that helps one understand the social construct of the evolution of friendship in the true sense. Go ahead! Download today!

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