Video game for Childs: how beneficial is this

Currently, there are many who are interested in video games to entertain themselves or even make money. Thanks to technological evolution, they are now accessible online. As one of the main fans and targets of these sources of entertainment on the web, children take pleasure in participating in a few parties before going to bed at night or during weekends. Playing in moderation has benefits for toddlers, to name just their intellectual, social and cognitive development. But games can also have disadvantages, in case of excess.

The benefits of video games for toddlers

Video game enthusiasts will enjoy the benefits, including skill and responsiveness. These popular activities of the brats are not only distractive, but above all instructive. Accessible both in multiplayer and off-line, they allow you to build relationships with others. They offer children the opportunity to participate in teamwork and share experiences to overcome potential obstacles together.

Some types of video games reinforce the self-esteem that is already in every child. It will find the good mood throughout the day and will easily get rid of stress. A video game fan usually has no trouble solving problems in various situations. This is because he can participate as he pleases in slower parts that open to problem-solving techniques using creativity.   

A game, whatever the type, often encourages the participant to finish the different stages in order to win. The child will be able to keep his motivation and perseverance in carrying out a task. Many, in all, the benefits that video games have to their little followers. But without adult supervision, they often risk playing in excess and exposing themselves to the symptoms of addiction.

The dangers of video games for children

Instead of categorically forbidding their children to play, parents will do better to ensure that they play without getting too attached to the screens. As a result, they will be safe from the risks of dependency.

The screens are recognized by their relatively high brightness which is likely to reduce the hormone regulating sleep. We must limit their use in the evening, so that the brain of the player does not stay awake. No doubt a child addicted to the game will no longer have time to move or to devote to physical activities. To play to excess is therefore one of the main enemies of his daily well-being.

The risk of exposure to the addiction syndrome is also one of the disadvantages of video games. The player may end up having trouble adjusting to his surroundings. He likes to spend several hours of the day in front of the screen and does not want to leave even during the night. He suffers, as a result of various symptoms of an addiction.

In addition, because all types of video games are accessible in just a few clicks, the most curious children do not hesitate to try some products whose content does not suit them at all. They may contain scenes that are not adapted to their age or maturity level.