Video Games: Secret behind its increasing popularity

Video games are the world’s leading cultural industry! What are the assets, the benefits, the risks of video games? When do we become dependent? How to manage these games at home and at school? Are they dangerous? Do they make them violent? Do they make addicted? What are the tips for video games to stay in their rightful place in family life?

There are advantages and disadvantages to video games because everything is not to reject or take! It’s a fabulous entertainment tool that needs to be reframed. As for everything to use in moderation!

The first video game dates from the 50s but was reserved for the elite. Then there was pakeman, space invaders and then came internet! And there, the playful supports have abounded. Everything can now be broken down into a video game. 

Games on the right side

The game is an entertainment already and that it is useful for a life on the good side! When games are used sparingly, appropriately and in a way that is well adapted to the age of the child, they can, for some, teach young people to socialize, they stimulate attention, agility, concentration, skills; they put everyone on the same footing.

Formerly the little girl played the doll to prepare for his situation as a future mother; the little boy played Lego and became an engineer. Today video games no longer have this relation to reality. The young can leave to conquer the intergalactic universe! The shift to reality is on the console. Ensuring the child’s connection to the real world in his daily life is vital!

Establishing rules is beneficial

Also playing with your children can manage together this time dedicated to the game. Otherwise, set time rules upstream of the game is essential. It does not derogate. The consistency of rules is important. They can evolve over time depending on the evolution of the child and his behavior!

So these rules must be identical at Papa-mom and at grandparents! Respect scrupulously the age recommended on the game, it is not for nothing that this age limits is mentioned. All games are immoral as long as they are not adapted to the age of the child! Experimenting the game before buying is ideal. Ask him to lend, test it is better. Avoid the game consoles in the rooms, be careful also to pay games to bid, the addition can be salty!

At least the good side

They are people (say “no life”) who have no life outside video games, these are very rare cases but the addiction takes over, is at its extreme. The virtual world becomes their only reality!

There are many people who think that children spend too much time in front of computers, tablets or game consoles. Although this is probably true to a certain extent, there are a lot of educational games for kids. line who teach things to children. Some online games not only teach school skills, but can also teach your children the basics of computer skills, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

So what are the benefits of online games for kids?

Another benefit of online educational games for young children is that games can improve a child’s attention. In order to play a game one must pay attention to rules and perform tasks in order to win. Games in general can help your child extend his attention span and learn patience which is also an essential skill.