What is Terrarium TV? Here’s whatever you need to know

If you’ve ever had the sensation you’re paying more for TV, you’re not alone. Whether it’s the consistent cost calculation, or the easy fact that all TV was once free, people are always searching for a way to pay less for their TV time. Along comes an alluring platform like Terrarium TV, which uses apparently endless free viewing of practically anything you’re looking for. The issue is, naturally, when things appear too great to be true, they frequently are.


When Terrarium TV for Windows popped on to the scene, it appeared extremely comparable to Popcorn Time, providing content sourced by means of the web in a streamlined interface, available just for Android-powered gadgets. While it operated somewhat differently behind the scenes, Terrarium TV was quite the same concept in a better looking package, however just like Popcorn Time, its days were numbered.


It used to be plenty clear where to download Terrarium TV: Go to the main site and follow the guidelines. Terrarium TV has always had a struggling presence, and while its users stayed doggedly figured out to keep enjoying even after its developer relatively deserted the app, the legend lastly pertained to an end. On September 11, 2018, users observed a message from the app’s developer Nitro Xenon, stating that he was closing down Terrarium TV, which beginning at the end of September, the app would immediately close itself.


As discussed above, today Terrarium TV exists in a legal gray area of sorts. Comparable to gush websites, Terrarium TV didn’t in fact serve pirated content, it simply gathered links to videos that already available on the web. This is technically legal, however your ISP may not like it, which is why it’s almost difficult to look for anything associated to Terrarium TV without seeing advertisements for VPNs.

“Terrarium TV includes just links to other websites on the web,” the Terrarium TV site used to check out. “It does not host or publish any videos, movies or media files.

In spite of it being “technically” legal, that didn’t indicate content service providers and numerous authorities were delighted about Terrarium TV’s presence. It gets back at complete stranger, too, as users who kept the app set up began seeing alerts alerting them to uninstall the app right away which their IP address and location were being tracked.