Why free games are getting more popular

If it was up to our children, then each would have its own tablet and would probably play around with it around the clock. And then everyone just stares into their gadgets with the proverbial square eyes. But are PC and online games automatically bad?

As with so many things in life, the dose makes the poison. And: not the medium is the problem, but dealing with it. Digital aids and games on tablet, computer etc. can definitely be used in a motivational and constructive manner in the family. A report from a family with two children in elementary school age.

Computer games are better than their reputation

Unlike television, playing on the computer is very active. Success stimulates the brain, enthusiasm is spreading. This has tremendously captivating effect on children. In addition to the – partly justified – points of criticism, computer games also have advantages. And not every computer game contains violence; there are a whole series of wonderful, constructive games for computers, tablets and smart phones.

In computer games, several things must always be mastered at once: Gamer must concentrate for a long time, understand relationships, plan strategic moves and solve puzzles. This requires intelligence, creativity and imagination. In addition, while playing, they train their eye-hand coordination, the dexterity on the keyboard and the use of the mouse. Often social skills are also used, because in many games agreements with other players are required. And last but not least, the fun should not be neglected.

Computer games – with measure and goal

Of course, a responsible, accompanied by the parents handling computer games is important. We must not forget that we have an important role model in dealing with digital media. From whom else do children learn that you can turn off tablets, smart phones etc.?

Our children, seven and ten years of age, are allowed to play on the computer and on the tablet every day – with measure and goal and of course only selected games. The computer game time is limited to half an hour. Very important: an alarm clock app reminds of the passage of time. It is far from incorruptible and actually more credible than any parental admonition! Recommended for imitation!

Motivational factor Play – Learning with the computer

The risk of gambling addiction is particularly high in children and adolescents, as they respond strongly to the reward systems of their brains. But we can also use this reward system specifically. Our children have the opportunity to earn additional playing time – such as household help, family treats, school achievements, or diligence in practicing learning content.

For example, at the age of just nine, our son learned the 10-finger system completely autonomously with the help of online exercise programs. The motivation: at the end of the practice period you can play as long as you like. The small multiplication table is excellent for both children – not least because of a specially programmed computer program. The program calculates the bonus points achieved with every correct solution – these can then be exchanged in computer game time. Interested? We have made it available online.