Proof That Free Games Really Works

Very popular with the public, action games form an already old genre that is subdivided into many subcategories. You probably know the major titles on consoles and PCs, but what about free versions on mobile?

The smartphones have fortunately not been forgotten and there are lots of games that can be acquired on App Stores without splitting a dime. Here are the action games and platforms more varied than each other. They are all available on is and Android, and for some on Windows Phone. Thus, whatever your smartphone, you will always have action games to put you under the thumb.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is more than a game, it’s already a phenomenon on is and Android. Although many imitations have invaded the App Store, nothing replaces the original, if not after! On the menu, the same gameplay, embellished with improved graphics and new challenges.

What? You do not know Temple Run yet? The mechanism is perhaps no easier: you have to help your character to escape (rabid monkeys are on his heels) and to avoid obstacles while collecting coins that are used to buy improvements. You think it’s too easy? Test it five minutes and you will see that it is not.

Jetpack Joyride

The application stores are full of games whose main character automatically moves sideways, but Jetpack Joyride stands out. Why? We can cite its nice graphics (like all the games that Barry Steak fries is the hero), excellent touch responsiveness, options to change the hero and a well-adjusted difficulty that does not repel the players. So prepare your submachine thruster … and forward!

Angry Birds Transformers

Another Angry Birds game? Is it really necessary? And yes, and this time, Rovio makes a 180 ° turn in the series, which forsakes the puzzle to try the action games . The result: very well done title and more fun than ever.

Once again, we will be on the side of edgy birds that, allied to pigs, will face other pigs equipped with mechanical structures that attack you without mercy. With a major novelty: all the protagonists are Transformers who run and fly and are ready to fire, using missile launcher and other various robotics gadgets.

Me, ugly and naughty

All games derived from cinema are not always up to the film they are inspired. This is not the case of Moi, Moche and Méchant, an excellent adaptation of the saga of Gru animation films.


I, Moche and Méchant allow you to control the friendly Minions in crazy endless adventures, the style of Temple Run, but with the particular aesthetic of the film and additional mini-games. On the other hand, avoid lending your phone to your children: if they try this game, they may never give it back to you!

Into the Dead

After a game for the whole family, here is an “adult-only” game. Indeed, here, place to zombies! The living dead, fashionable for some years, have not spared the tablets and phones of last generation and manifest in their entire splendor with Into the Dead.

This game mounted on rails (the character moves by himself and you just have to attack) invites you to survive a zombie apocalypse, armed with everything that comes to hand and a lot of cold blood. The best is that this game is not a light version of an action title, but a real game with a very successful atmosphere.