Everyone Loves Free Games: But why?

When it comes to aging well and improving the lives and well-being of seniors, video games are not the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, the practice of video games by seniors brings many benefits, as has been shown by many researches and as we will explain it in this article. Although video games are often wrongly considered as a waste of time, they have many physical and psychological benefits for seniors.

The physical benefits of video game

Video games help improve motor skills and the ability to coordinate sight and movement. Video games also help maintain hand mobility, which is especially important for people with arthritis. The very fact of playing allows to be entertained. Video games can therefore have a “placebo effect”, thereby reducing the feeling of pain that some older people may feel. For a time, immersed in a video game, seniors forget our pain!

The muscles of the eye being stressed and forced to focus on one point, the vision can sometimes be improved. Finally, some video game consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii console, encourage light physical activity. With the Wiimote (controller used by the Wii console) and motion sensors, the player must use his arms and move to play. The cardiovascular system is therefore also stimulated. It is therefore easy to understand that this console is frequently used and present in nursing homes, for example.

The psychological benefits of video games

Video games help reduce the risk of depression. The risk of depression in the elderly is particularly high. Depression is accompanied by negative effects such as fatigue, weight loss, sleep disorders and social isolation. The video games stimulate cognitive functions and allow entertained. There are a lot of different video games that can satisfy everyone’s tastes and preferences. The development of online games can reduce social isolation and foster interactions.

In view of all these advantages, video games ultimately represent a relatively low financial cost. An internet connection can for example be enough to access a very large number of online games and thus enjoy the benefits mentioned in this article. The next time you visit one of your elderly relatives, do not hesitate to offer him a little game!

A fun way to raise awareness about serious subjects

The harmonious marriage of entertainment and education has made the success of serious games. Increasingly employed in many areas, they are classified into various categories including health games. These are intended to raise awareness on various themes and varied public health. There are healthy games for caregivers, for the sick and even the healthy for preventive purposes. As an example, we can cite the hit game Smokitten. This game addresses a real public health issue: tobacco. It can be played by children from the age of 10 to get their attention very early on the dangers of smoking. The other target of Smokitten is the young smokers who are offered to replace their cigarette breaks with a fun game. They also receive very useful encouragement messages from their loved ones, the goal being to hold 444 days without smoking to discover the secret of Smokitten Island.