Mastering Piper in Brawl Stars with these tips

Piper is a long ranged shooter in Brawl Stars gameplay that does damage depending on the range between the target and her. She does perfectly in maps with the number of obstacles that allows her to hide. Bounty and Gem Grab are the best game modes for Piper.

If you want to become the master of controlling Piper, these tips will help you greatly in this regard.

  • Having the longest range in the game, like 10 tile reach, you can choose Brock, Spike or Gene to reach her when she is in full range.
  • She is capable of targeting a brawler hiding behind a wall, very close to the edge of it.
  • She has the ability to do more damage the farther away from the target like the maximum damage occurs with 9-10 tiles.
  • With just two shots at her maximum range, she can kill over the half brawlers in the game.
  • She has the fastest projectile speed among the others in the game, so you must always be 1 tile farther when a target is walking close to you.
  • Being a slow reloading ability, so instead of spamming, you are advised to take some time with every shot.
  • When your opponent brawler is walking forward or backward in a line, you must use quickfire and when they are just 5 tiles away, there is no chance left to their escape.
  • If you are in a situation with low on HP, the best way is to use all your ammo quickly. It helps in recovering and reloading simultaneously, something like a pro.
  • You must also know that Piper only takes 3 long range shots to achieve her Super.
  • When there are a few walls, Piper works great when she uses her Super to break the walls, as a result, she gets open areas to snipe. Piper is the best idea when your opponent team has a Barley or Dynamike.
  • If your opponent team has a Mortis or Leon that can rush you easily, you must hold your Super and do not waste it, so that you can prevent your enemies from rushing you.
  • The best game mode of Piper is Bounty, where she can destroy other brawlers by using her long range without dying.
  • Piper is also the best sniper for Duo Showdown, especially in open maps.
  • Brock is considered as one of the best brawlers to couple with Piper because Brock can easily break the walls to open the map for Piper.

Simply keep these tips in mind when playing Piper in the game so that the chances of winning the game increase.