Video games are not bad for you: In reality, they improve your life!

In recent years, video games have undergone some changes, sometimes subtle. These changes affect the elements essential to their viability. While it was once accepted that no game could flourish without a background scenario, recent games have shown that it was not absolutely necessary. Just as they proved that the goals to be achieved were not a timeless concept either. Just take a look at free games like to realize that the video game can be reduced to its simplest expression and continue to seduce. But, if there is one element that no game can really do without, it’s the strategy!

Any good video game should allow players to develop strategies. Strategies forged by scrutinizing the game, by mastering all its aspects and by dint of experimenting. The strategies and tactics that are created in this way often exceed the expectations of game developers. A fact that has become, over time, the reliable indicator for identifying free strategy games of interest.

Strategy games, a timeless standard

The chess game in Western societies, the Go in Japan, the checkers game, the Chinese ladies, etc. There are many strategy games that have survived the passage of time. Games that have been assimilated by new civilizations have been adapted and continued to be taught from age to age.

Their success is mainly due to the fact that they have been recognized as a major utility in the development of intelligence. And while it’s true that these games are still popular today, they do not overshadow modern strategy games like MMORTS. While there are definitely more players and pieces to manage, but the central concept of the strategy game is still preserved.

Thus, all players have the same resources when they join the game. All players are able to perform the same actions and achieve the same goals. And finally, all players have a basic understanding of the rules of the game. Just get started in a free strategy video game to find these three elements. If they are not present, it is certainly that this game will risk disappointing you in the long run!

But, if you find an online strategy game that respects the pillars above and which in addition is free, make it a habit! You have nothing to lose, and this new form of entertainment will have unexpected benefits.

A major advantage for cognitive functions

Abuse in all things night and video games are no exception to the rule. This does not mean that it is necessary to cast a disgrace on a practice which has become commonplace and whose benefits on the development of intellectual faculties have been repeatedly demonstrated. We will not dwell on shooting games or platform games that increase the speed at which the human brain assimilates and analyzes visual stimuli. We will not discuss mind games or adventure games that test and improve memory capacity and our ability to solve problems.

Strategy games, unlike adventure games, remove the notion of “journey”. There is not one solution to achieve the goals. And therefore, all solutions, tools, and resources must be evaluated constantly. This reality of strategy games drives players to constantly be flexible; flexibility being a major criterion for the development of intelligence and cognitive functions!