Few tips for beginners to improve Clash Royale gameplay

Though Clash Royale can be a simple game for those who are familiar with battle royale games and have played the game many times, for some players it is quite complicated. As the game consists of over 80 cards, where each card is unique and several other features and stuff that may make you confused.

So, if you are a beginner and want to learn how to play Clash Royale so that you can improve your game to a great extent, you must follow the given 5 tips.

Never leak Elixir

Many beginners might be unaware of one thing that Elixir is created for you and your opponent with the same rate. So, when your opponent plays units and you are still waiting on full elixir, it is completely the waste of your elixir and you are giving benefits to your opponent.

Also, you must know about the right time to play units, like if your opponent is attacking and you need defend, simply play them or drop them as they hit 9.

Never activate the King

When a match starts, your units will be attacked by two princess towers and the King role is just to watch. But, when you attack the King, obviously he will also start shooting your units. After that, if you want to destroy the King, you want to use 20 fireballs

Also, you must learn how to use spell correctly. Instead of fireball a lone tower, you must wait for your opponent to do something.

Never drop units at the bridge

Dropping units at the bridge may lead you to a situation where you will be left with less elixir to support your attack. The opponents can easily defend using enemy towers. Keep in mind that better players will not find difficulty in protecting the number of units.

So, always wait for full elixir and play units to prepare for the attack.

Defend on the arena’s side

Being a Clash Royale player, you must be very well known about the towers as your best defenders. Towers have their own importance in shooting faster and in doing a lot of damage, all is possible due to their big range as well as they are always there for you to defend.

Never overcommit on defense

When your opponent attacks you, obviously you will out all your units close to defending, but at this time your opponent will take away the units with just a single spell. So, the best idea is to defend with the minimum units possible.

Clash Royale is great fun, so learn these tips to take your gameplay to the victory.

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