Beginner’s tips to ensure survivability in Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is said to be an excellent clone of PUBG. Not exactly, but Rules of Survival gameplay is somewhat similar to PUBG, as this battle royale game has the same concept of fighting for survival with the aim to be the last one standing at the end. The players who are new to battle royale games may find it a little difficult to understand and play any such game, but will not take much time after getting familiar with the gameplay.

Here, we are going to discuss a few tips for beginners that help them to play Rules of Survival in a better way.

Where and when to land

Before starting the game, you must decide when to open your parachute and where to land on a deserted island. If you land first, you can take the benefits of more loot as well as gives you time to plan your escape and hiding strategies. The delay landing is not a good idea at all as it can affect your gameplay.

You can choose to land in the center of the map, but it takes you to the close-quarter battle with several players because of the availability of maximum loot in that area. In another way, choosing to land in the area a little far from the center of the map will be a good idea and you can work slowly to get closer to the loot. Choosing the landing zone completely depends on the playstyle.

Get right gear

Before you look for other items, you must find backpacks and helmets as they help in equipping gadgets and in protecting you from the headshot respectively, as you progress in the game. You must also find health kits and a variety of weapons with scopes for long-range and short-range combat.

Always keep moving

It is not a good idea to find a building and hide in it for long. It is so because the map shrinks with time, so you need new places to cover as well as experienced players with powerful weapons can find and kill you. So, it is better to change your places and also never roam in open areas as enemies can easily find and target you. The best idea is to always keep moving.

Hear the sounds

When you hear the sound of footsteps, weapon or any vehicle approaching, immediately hide in a safe place and be ready for the face-to-face battle with the enemy. On the other hand, enemies can also take benefits of the same situations. So, be attentive and make no noise.

One thing you should always keep in mind that practice makes the man perfect. So, the more you play Rules of Survival, the more perfect you become in this gameplay.