Tips & Tricks to use Mannendake in Onmyoji Arena

Mannendake is one of the characters in Onmyoji Arena which you must be known about. Basically, Mannendake is a thief and a ninja type shikigami which is commonly used by players when they are high levels up. His mobility and high burst damage make him one of the most irritating shikigami in this gameplay.

The skills of Mannendake are not capable of killing any marksman at the same level. This shikigami is quite difficult to use, so for newbies, it is not recommended to use Mannendake, especially if you do not want to die too early when using him for the first time.

These are the tips for items that Mannendake can use to make his skills stronger than usual.

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Dragon Hunting Knife

It is a basic item which is recommended to buy as compared to other powerful items in order to deal damage in the long run. First, buy this item and then focus on others.

Wind Walker

If you want to fill the passives of Mannendake easily, you must use this item. It also helps in improving movement speed and enables him to move around easily, which is what needed for most ninja.

Nature’s Glory

It is one of the main items that you can use for Mannendake to give him skills along with additional damage. It helps him to deal massive damage to the enemies, but it depends on how and what skill he uses. If you want to give more damage, you can use this item.


This item has a similar impact on the enemies as with Nature’s glory. It helps in increasing ability damage. There is nothing more with this item as it works similar to Nature’s Glory. The extra 10% CD reduction is somewhat good for this character.

Yin Yang Wheel

If you want Mannendake to be focused his damage on one enemy, Yin Yang Wheel is considered as the best item in this case. With this item, he can do more damage and also works great in farming. If you want to steal the turret of your enemies, you must use this item when playing Mannendake.


This item is mostly recommended due to its support that helps Mannendake to use his ultimate in a better way. It also enables him to deal huge damage to Tank as well as samurai.

No doubt this shikigami is a reliable ninja, but when you learn to use these items, you can play him much better.