Things to know about King of Hunters battle royale game

NetEase has developed various battle royale games, among them King of Hunters is the new addition to its list of games. The main aim of any player in this game is to overcome all challenges by following the effective strategies and to be the last man standing on the battlefield.

Apart from that, you also need to focus on becoming the best hunter. Here, when you start this game, the very first step is to create a character using various options. Once you create your character, you will be offered to either start the tutorial or enters the game directly.

If you are a new player, you must start the tutorial before heading to the game, as it will help a lot in learning many things about the game which you might not be aware of. So, for newbies, it is always recommended to use the tutorial to play the game in a better way.

King Of Hunters has three matchmaking modes – Solo, Duo, and Trio, it means this gameplay offers you an opportunity to play as a solo or team up with your one or two friends, whatever you want. Simply click the start button and you will be in the arena of this adventurous world. Like all other battle royale and survival games, you need to be the last player in the battlefield to win the game.

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Land from the Dragon

On the top left corner of the screen, you will see the mini-map which is used to select your particular location. Just jump from the dragon and land on the battlefield. After you land, you have to enter the houses so that you can get a variety of weapons as well as the potions which are helpful in healing, dealing with damage and others.

Ride the Horse

Whether you want to move to the safe zone or magical chest at a much faster speed, you can ride the horse to reach your destination faster.

Safe zone

Like in other games, here too, the area of safe zone shrinks with time. To keep yourself alive, in some situations, you need to hide in the safe zone. The concept of safe zone area in King Of Hunters is the same as in other similar games.


Traps are always the best part of any battle royale and survival game. When your main motive is to take out the enemies, the game offers you an array of traps which can be used to put your enemies in danger. Simply find a safe place to hide, have patience and attack the enemies with these traps.

Overall, it is quite entertaining and exciting game with some different theme and style.